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Embracing the Child

"I got an email from a mom looking for services the other day. She said that she had heard about our services and that we were “different” than other providers. She went on to say that she didn’t want to change her child, rather she wanted to help her. As practitioners, this should be our goal…we should want to help, not fix. We should want to engage, not change. So many providers are on a mission to “get rid of a child’s autism” but why not embrace and develop? Our goal should be to teach the child to be able to better access things by using their words but not change the essence of their personality. A Step in the Right Direction’s mission has always been to meet the child where they are and help them develop to their potential. We use play and fun and love to develop relationships and build bonds with kiddos and families. Our kids typically run towards our staff, greet them and immediately engage. ABA should not be seen as negative or seem like torture or be compliance based. That is definitely not the purpose or the goal. We embrace all kiddos and find a way to improve their means of communication, their access to the community and teach the community how to allow for better access for our kiddos." 

Samantha Mclean

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